Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT from 10101.art?

It is a blockchain certificate that confirms co-ownership of the physical painting by those who hold it.

What blockchain do we use?

Currently our platform operates on Ethereum blockchain. But we also plan to launch some collections using other blockchains, like Polygon, in the near future.

How does it work?

  • Our artexperts select exclusive paintings from top collectors, auction houses, and galleries. Check all the documents for the authenticity of the work of art.
  • Next, the project’s top management decides whether the painting will be presented on 10101.art. If so, we organize the transportation of the painting to Dubai. Create digital representations of it using high-end scanning equipment.
  • Our skilled developers digitalize the artwork fragments into NFT-tokens. Launch the primary sale using NFT technology, with or without a whitelist.
  • With 100% sale of the painting within the time limit, NFTs become available for further transactions.
  • If a painting is not completely sold within the allotted time, all issued NFTs are burned, and the refund option becomes available to users.

How can I become an owner of the painting?

For the detailed information regarding NFT purchase process please check the link.

What does an NFT owner get?

10101.art NFTs give each user legally verified co-ownership of a physical work of art with a confirmed value.

Any user can now enter a totally new marker, collect, trade and grant pieces of paintings. Top up, change and modify their portfolio.

All the paintings sold at the platform are presented in Monada Art gallery in DIFC, Dubai and available for public viewing.

In the near future DAO mechanics will be implemented and owners will be able to vote for the destiny of the painting. Whether to exhibit it in specific countries, sell it offline, burn its physical embodiment.

What are the 10101.art features?

  • New trade sphere
  • Innovative DeFi protocol
  • Easy to join and use
  • Exclusive legal structure
  • Security and transparency
  • Crypto adoption instruments
  • Huge art lovers community

Can I only buy a part of the painting?

Currently our project is focused on the mass consumer and all the paintings in the collections are fragmented and sold in parts so that people all over the world can get in touch with the world of art.

If you are willing to purchase the whole painting at once, please contact us via email.

If you are the owner of the masterpiece from a world known artist and you are willing to sell it with us using the blockchain platform, please contact us in the form at the bottom of the website. And we will contact you back to discuss such a possibility.

How do we choose paintings for the project?

We have top art experts and art dealers from all over the world who permanently work with our team. They are checking the offers we get according to the list below:

1. Greatest artists

The most significant artists from various countries and centuries

2. Recognizability

Frida Kahlo made her own face a "calling card", if the painting looks like a drug dream — it's Dali

3. The documents

The presence of expertise, certificates, provenance and other documents.